Tel Ko Tel Lagao with Pantene.

Hello, Guys, I hope you are doing great. Diwali just got over and I had a really great time. A lot of
you asked me about how I grow my hair & what products I've been using. When it comes to haircare I am not the type of person who loves oiling hair. Ever since I was little I hated oiling my hair to bits. Actually, I don't  even remember the last time I've applied oil to my hair because I can't stand the feeling and look of it. Which brings me to the point of this blog post, I received the new Pantene oil replacement. Which sounds right up my alley because I don't have time to constantly oil my hair in order to keep it moisturized and wash it. 

Pantene brings to India an international solution to end the hassles of oiling. Now long oiling hours
will be a history. I can not tell you how amazing this concept is.
The Oil replacement is a rich creamy product which can be used both in damp and dry hair. I used
it on my dry hair before styling it so that it nourishes and protects my hair from the heat. It has the

goodness of oil and makes your hair 2 times stronger.

It comes in a handy size which is very easy to fit in the bag. It retails for Rs.150 which is such a
great deal. The packaging of the product is very attractive and feels rich.
I applied a walnut sized amount of the cream on my palms and evenly distributed throughout my
hair. It smells great and leaves your hair feeling nourished, moisturized and fresh. After that, I
styled my hair as I normally would. I did feel that it protects my hair and leaves it feeling smooth.
You don't really need a lot of product for your hair. Plus the main benefit is that it doesn't  make your hair look like you've applied oil. Which is a huge plus point!  

This product is such an amazing product by Pantene. I personally LOVE it. It has made my hair so
much better and now I don't have to worry about oiling my hair every week, I can use the Oil
Replacement cream without having to worry about how my hair looks. Now it's time to #TelkoTelLagao  Are you guys excited to ditch hair oil and try the new Pantene Hair Replacement? I'd love to hear your thoughts on it.  


Gamiss Wishlist

Hello everybody so today I am going to share my Wishlist from this website called Gamiss. I've never heard of them before and I was excited to see what they have for us. So here is my Wishlist from Gamiss








These were my picks from the website Gamiss. Let me know what's your Wishlist? There a video coming soon me featuring these products so stay tuned for that :)


Ocean Child //

If you know then you know that I'm obsessed with lace and fabrics such as mesh etc. When I first saw this dress which was originally created by Mr. Self Portrait, I kid you not it was love at first sight. I bloody loved it so much. Soon after that DressLilly contacted me to check out few of their clothes and luckily I found this one on their website. I had to get that so I have it now with me! When it comes to design It's so similar to the original one and the fabric is also fine. I didn't have to worry about the fabric ripping because it was sown well. They also have other colors available so do check them out.  click here to buy the exact dress

For styling I kept it really simple as I wanted to highlight the dress, I wore nude heels and a simple round necklace from BlingLane. 

Let me know your thoughts on this one :) I really enjoyed taking photos of this one.  


Beauty Tips + Outfit Ideas for Navratri!

Today is the 1st Day of Navratri! Happy Navratri to all of you :) If you don't know I have posted 3 videos about Navratri on my Youtube Channel! Don't forget to check them out! I've included Navratri Outfit Ideas, Navratri Makeup Look & How you can keep your skin looking fresh for Navratri! 


   Let me know which one was your favorite video! 


Clubbing Outfits!

Hello, everybody! Today we're going to talk about clubbing which is not what I'm interested in really but a lot of you are interested so I thought why not just share some outfit ideas for you pretty ladies. I am going to be showing "see through club dresses" because that's what most of us wear right. Also I want to mention that all the dresses mentioned in this post will be from  DressLily  , they have an amazing variety of clothes for such low price. 

I'm going to be picking up 5 of my fav! 

These were my favs! Which one is your favorite? Let me know in the comments below :) 

How to acheive your goals in the last 4 months of 2017!

HOLY COW! I don't know where that came from but OH MY GODDDDD! It's almost September!!!?? I mean I don't believe it, how fast this year went by! I know right. If you're stuck or you still haven't accomplished your goals of 2017 don't worry you still have 4 months! That might seem a little but they are a lot! If you take each day into consideration you'll definitely succeed.

Here are a few things which I planned for my business & How you can achieve your goals in the last 4 months of 2017!

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