Makeup Remover

Do you just deal the problem when makeup wipes burn your face? And it feels too much? Yeah me too! This a very very easy and not at all harmful for your skin to remove makeup.
plus we all have it in our kitchens!

You are gonna need coconut oil & tissues/towel.

It doesn't matter if you boil the oil or not. I just prefer cold. You just have to take few drops on your palms and massage it on you face in a circular motion or just sprinkle few drops all over your face & wipe it out! If you are wearing a heavy makeup then you will need more oil to remove it. I apply it 2 all over my eyes in order to get rid of the eyeliner,eye shadow & mainly the mascara. BB cream & foundation may wipe off in 1 go but eye makeup may take 2 rounds! plus oil is good for your skin & it improves the quality of your skin & it makes my skin feel softer & trust me it never burns like the makeup wipes!  
After that you can carry on by washing your face & moisturizing it!

I hope it helped you in some way. And let me know in the comments if it helped you.


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