Dupe for Naked 3

All my life I have raved about how much I love the Naked palettes. The quality of them is awesome. They look very natural. Everything about that product is legit perfection. But they are a bit expensive.

Obviously one of the best high end product.

I know its like 3000/- (54$) ( on sephora website). And for freaking 4200/- on flipkart.

So it was high time for me to search for a dupe which is similar to the naked 3.

Most of you may know I have been watching videos of YouTubers since ages & one of my favorite youtuber Debasree mentioned a brand in her favorites video.

"Sivanna Colors"

She talked about the similarities between the bobby brown highlighter palette & the sivanna colors one. Plus it was for 200 bucks. Such a good steal.

Sivanna products in India are available on Flipkart

I went through all the products available by them and FINALLY I FOUND THE DUPE for NAKED 3 (laughs)

And it was only for 745 wow

Make sure you check the palette number because sivanna colors have 4 different types of palettes but the 04 is very similar to naked 3. (As you can see in the picture.)

I know they are not the exact same color but really good product if you are searching for a dupe.

I hope that saved your money. And I also have dupe for makeup revolution palette.Which I will be posting soon.

And thank you so much debasree for introducing me this brand. Also check her videos because she has some awesome makeup tutorials & tips in there :)

 click here to go on her channel

Sivanna colors on flipkart- click here

Sivanna colors available on amazon -  click here

Thank you so much for reading & I'll meet you next time.

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