July Favourites

A #GetTheLook post was gonna come on the blog but unfortunately I couldn't film it outside because it was rainy. Anyways here are some of the things which I am loving throughout July. However there might be a #GetTheLook post coming this week! So stay tuned for that. :)

                         Clothes wise I am loving this navy blue top so much recently. I love the white stripes on it and I received a lot of compliments on my top yesterday. It fits absolutely perfectly and I love it alot.

Beauty I am loving the Himalaya Neem Face wash so much. I stopped using it but this a had a major issue regarding pimples so I went back to this. I cannot even describe how amazing this product is and it legit clears your skin. It might take some time but you'll end up having a clear face. I definitely recommend this to you plus its for 60 rs! ( 1$)

Maybelline launched the new Color Show Lipsticks and definitely I went ahead & gave it a go. I am a nude lip person than a red lip person. So I bought the Warm Caramel shade. I love the color. Its perfect nude shade for me. I also love the packaging. I am going to do a in depth review on this further. You will obviously love this and also its for 300rs which is a great price.




I am not reading anything at the moment but I am very very excited for Zoella's Girl Online on tour book. The title itself is catchy and I can't wait. Leave me any suggestions so that I can read any books and might write a post on it.

Oh my god! Okay.  I love love love Good for You by Selena Gomez it's just so calm and I freaking love it. It's on #6 at Itunes charts.Selena is just so freaking perfect, I love her. Her album comes out in October which is amazing & i'm looking forward to hear it. ONE DIRECTION dropped a single yesterday. Drag me Down  is legit perfection. I can't. It's so good. And its on #1 on itunes charts. It blows my mind.
Troye sivan is releasing a new album #WILD. He is one of my favorite artists and last year his TRXYE was a hit. I can't even describe how amazing My happy little pill was. I am ready troye. I am so ready.

                                                                        YoutubeLast but not the least. Youtube! I watch a lot of youtubers. It was very hard for me to pick 3. Beauty wise I am obsessed with Zoella. I am watching her videos since 3 years now & she's really great. Her tips are so useful for me. From Fashion category I love Tess Christian. Her fashion videos are perfection. I love fashion so much. Her get the look videos & weekly fashion videos are bomb. From Comedy category I LOVE MYLIFEASEVA. She is perfection. Her expectation vs reality, life hacks, back to school videos are so awesome. I am most forward looking towards her scripted series which comes out in August.

That's it for my July Favorites.And i'm so happy that August is here because it's my birthday month and there are gonna be a lot of August Favorites. haha.
Thank you so much for reading.

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