How to start A Blog on Blogger.

I get asked questions by so many people regarding how to start a blog? What are the options in which  I can start a blog? What are the platforms available to blog? So instead of answering so many of your questions I decided to make a post for all you who are interested to know about blogging or who wanna start a blog or you have started a blog!
I am blogging since a year and a half now and I know I'm not that experienced in it but there are so many things which I learnt while growing my blog.
This is not a full fledge post on covering the entire issues such as Blog content, Blog Photography, Blog page views etc. I am how ever going to talk about everything in detail in another posts! 
Because all the them require a specific in depth explanation of what exactly it is. 

This is a collab with my amazing friend Riya who is also a blogger! 
Today's topic cover on the blogging platforms available to blog & how they work!
There are two main blogging platforms which are Blogger and Wordpress.
I use Blogger and Riya uses Wordpress. 
So I'm gonna talk you through how blogger works and everything about domain and stuff!
While Riya will explain you about how Wordpress works and the designs and how to work with it!
Make sure you read both of the posts first and think before you actually start a blog!
Read Riya's blog here -

Also there is another blogging platform as 
It's amazing for designing and you can customise your own website however you want, but I really found it complicated and I don't think it supports Google AdSense.

So moving on to blogger. If you want to start a blog on blogger.
The first step is to make a account. As Blogger is a connected to Google you don't really have to do anything! Just sign in from your google account.

 After you've logged in via your gmail account you can see something like this!

Select the language in which you wanna blog. After that click on Continue to Blogger.

After that you might see some a box at your left hand side which mentions "New Blog" 
Click it.

Okay this is the main part. After you clicked New blog, now you have to name your blog a title and a appropriate web name. As for me My title is Urvee and my address is
Remember! It's like our Instagram & Twitter! It's the address  is like our username! You can change it anytime. 
You can play with the blog name and try different options before going with one final. 
Also blogger doesn't provide .in (depending in which country you stay) or .com 
They provide you with 
If you really want to have a .in like me which is or you want a .com which can be THEN you have to PAY for it!
But before paying check whether the site is available in the world wide web! If it's available then think about .in or .com
For .in ( or in which ever country you live) The prices of .in aren't too much. I purchased my domain for $15 or maybe $20 ( That comes under 1000 INR) And you don't have to pay monthly for your domain! It's a yearly subscription! So after a year you have to pay a smaller amount! Also the amount decreases the next year. When I purchased my domain in 2014 I got it for $15- $20 but when I went to renew it in 2015 it literally cost me less than $10
I purchased it from WhoisDomain site. I don't have much detail about it but my dad literally did everything for me. I was never into website designing and all that stuff so I asked  my dad to PIN my domain i.e to

What exactly pinning does is....
The posts or the photos which you upload on your blogger ( ) will also appear on
or .com 
If you check and then you might see that both are the same! Just the names are different!
Basically .in & .com provides a professional look on your website. 
But to be honest the name doesn't matter at all, all matters is the quality of content which you provide to readers. 

For time being you can login as what ever name you want and then pin it to your blogger. I definitely recommend getting help from a person very good in  IT or a website designer. 

After choosing your name you can add a template. There are basic templates available on blogger. However I'm gonna post in detail regarding Blog design & Html designing soon. Because it's a pain in the ass

After you've selected your name then, you might see something like this. 
It's just a normal overview on your blog. To the left hand side you can see some buttons or options in orange and black. 
They all are important and I'll talk about each and everyone of them. 

Overview is the overall appearance on your blog, you can see the views which you got for your blog and the posts which you have in total, the followers which you have. 

Posts is the amount of posts which you wrote and as you can see in the picture it's pretty self explanatory. You can save posts and move them to draft, you can edit them just incase any thing goes wrong or just preview them before publishing! On the right you can see when you actually published that blog and how  much page views you received after publishing. 

 Pages are the categories above your blog posts and below your header! Here you can add new pages and delete them if you want to. Just like the posts you can see the page views and when you published them. 

Google+ is just linked with blogger! If you want your blog to link with blogger then you just have to add it by clicking yes. Or else let it remain with your blogger account!

Stats is generally the page views which you get on your website. First option we have is Overview. 
It helps you to find out the number of views you got over all. 

Posts in Stats are the posts which you published, and the number of page views which you posts gained. You can see it on the basis of a month, week, day or all time. 

Traffic sources means from where people come to your website. It can be from anywhere. 

Audience in stats refers to the number of page views you are getting from a country. And also from which browsers or operating system you are getting the views! 
If you want to know more about your views  in depth then activate google analytics it's a platform from google. 

 Earnings are the amount which Google Adsense pays you for per click or per 1000 impressions of the advertisements sold on your blog. DON'T GET TO EXCITED. I'm gonna talk every thing about earning money online and all about Google AdSense soon, because this deserves a whole big fat post.

I don't know much about Campaigns, but they refer to adding your posts to Google search engine which will help you to gain more audience. 
Layout refers to the design of your blog. It's just about placing your headers and pages , it's very easy and you can move everything from anywhere. 

Template is the design. Just incase you are bored of your old design you can change them here. Also on the right side below Live on Blog there is a Customise button. If you click it, it will take you to a window where you can change the fonts of your posts, change the colours of everything. Adjusting the widths etc etc. Once you get used to it, it's very easy. 

Settings is just where you can change the web address of your blog and go with it! 
It's all the basic information regarding about your blog. 

This is how you can start a blog on Blogger platform very very easy and super simple. Also do check Riya's post  about starting a blog on,  she'll explain you everything about how everything works on wordpress and then you might decide which one is the best for you. 
Also blogging is not something is very easy, most people have the conception in their mind about blogging and how easy it is. But when you practically do it, it's not what you've expected. And it's okay if your blog isn't on point or your design isn't on point. When I first started blog last year my blog was absolutely poop. Everything was messing around but when I learnt about it from other bloggers it got better. 
And that was all for today, I have planned couple of posts to give you more in depth information on Blogging content, Blog Design, Blog Photos etc. Basically everything you need to know about blogging and how can you take your blog to next level
This is obviously what I've learned from past 1 and a half year, and I'm still learning! :)

If you have any doubts on blogging don't forget to get in touch with my Instagram, Twitter and all that stuff. Check Riya's blog :) 


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