We don't deserve his blessings!

Every year we do the same mistake. Don't we?

Ganpati Visarjan was the day before yesterday. And by no means, I wanted to see this heartbreaking view of Ganesh idols floating around with a broken hand or covered in mud.
Does this view please you?  Don't you feel responsible? 

We bring these idols with love and invest our time, heart;  put our soul into it and by the end of the day this is what we've wanted to see? We worship him, we make sure that during those 10 days Bappa stays comfortably at our place then why after those 10 days we see him in this heartbreaking state?

Does it affect you? It did affect me.

Like every year we promise to bring eco-friendly idols, but sometimes that's not the case.

 Let's make a promise, that we will bring eco-friendly Ganesh idols from next year.
I know this is not an Environmental studies lecture going on but  if you really don't want to see this  view then please take this into consideration.

This is why we don't deserve his blessings, we make him feel a part of our family for those 10 days and then?
I'm no one to give you orders or taunt you in any matter but have you thought? How Bappa would feel? Floating at the bank of a river all alone.....

Photos by Anukriti Bhushan


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