2016 Makeup Favs

Can I just say that Youtube made me buy most of the products mentioned in this post. I've literally genuinely loved all of them. These products make me look poppin even though I look poppin without makeup. ( Not that I'm overconfident about my no face of makeup but I feel confident & beautiful with & without it.)

I'm gonna save the best for the last because I'm that mean! haha.

Starting off with Nails. Basically I went through a phase where I used to paint my nails florescent like what even. Now when I think back I'm like what was I thinking? Anyways, now that I love more minimalist things or minimalist coloured things. I bought these. 

These are from Nykaa. 
The nude one is called as Caramel Macchiato (click to view)
It gives a gloss finish, not gonna lie they come off earlier than what I expected them to be. 
The Black one is Black Sesame Pudding (click here to view)
The consistency of black one is much thicker than the nude one. The black one is also Black which matches my soul, that's the reason why it's my fav!
It's so stunning but it comes off easily or sometimes chips within a few days.

They also have other beautiful colours you can check them on their website! Definitely worth the try!

In October I painted my nails every with my fav colours, by painted I not just mean painted. I literally didn't even let my nails breathe for a single day. They were chocked for like a month or more than that. So one day I wanted to paint my nails into a different colour & when I remove the nail paint my nails were yellow. By yellow I mean yellow as you can ever imagine. It literally looked like my nails are suffering from jaundice, they were so unhealthy & literally I feel bad for them. *LOL*
I literally felt like they can come off my finger & I'll stay with a no nail which is terrifying and my worst nightmare.

So my aunt bought me this nail growth booster or nail strengthener thing from Oriflame. And after few weeks my nails look back to normal.  It has some seed or exfoliating beeds inside it, as you apply it your nails will sink the gel and make it softer. Give it a go!

Mascara wise beauty guru's always raved about the Maybelline Hyper Curl & the Lash sensational mascara for ages! I know Zoella, Tess Christine, Tati and so many of them have spoke about how amazing the lash sensational is! I did buy the lash sensational one recently but it's fair enough to say that I haven't used it as much as it can come in my favs post. ( Do you know what I mean?)
I'll definitely try it for few more months and report back to you!

But the Hyper Curl one is genius, it makes your lashes so long & gives so much volume. I love the plastic wand & it adds drama. (Click here to view)

Tbh, my hair is not in it's best condition. However I completely cut off chemical products & now I'm treating my hair with only Organic products. I was shopping with my mom and I saw this hair mask by Himalaya.

It claims that it gives protein to your hair, repairs you hair and adds nourishment to your hair. You are supposed to apply it before or after you have washed your hair. I did feel difference in my hair, my hair felt softer & shinier and much for healthy.


I love Himalayan products, they are so natural & you know how much I love their Neem Face wash.

For face! Do I have to say anything about this? So many people raved about it & it's definitely worth the try. It gives full coverage & literally doesn't feel anything on your skin at all! It lasts for 24 hours but who wears a foundation for 24 hours!
(click here to view)

This is the Maybelline Fit Me concealer. This buddy can literally hide your dark circles. I prefer the concealer because it's light weight does wonder to your skin. The foundation on the other side feels cakey. I've been using this for almost a year now and it has made it's way to my top.
(click here to view)

Lips wise these Matte Me lipsticks are no surprise to you. I love a good liquid matte lipstick, they suck the moisture of my lips & make them dry as a Sahara desert but I still wear them. Gorgeous shades only for 150 rs! If you love pink lipsticks they have a huge variety of pink & fuchsia colors. I stick to the nude & mauve tones because I think they look better on me.


Please use a lip brush while applying brighter colors or use the minimal product as possible. If you mess up, you're screwed.

I swear by this product. I'm using this since a year & I haven't hit the pan yet. This is a good dupe for the bobbi brown highlighter. It's so freaking pigmented and I love it. You can use it as an eyeshadow, highlighter, a shimmery blush. Whenever I wear this I usually get mixed comments. It's like "OMG what are you wearing it's so beautiful, your eyes look beautiful or your face is glowing" or some are like "OMG Why do you wear so much of highlighter?"
Girl, highlighter is supposed to highlight and enhance your face. If you don't like it don't look at me.

You have to give it a go! Everyone from my cousin to my friends love this thing so much, I made them buy it.
(click here to view)

Okay. If you follow beauty guru's on Youtube you might know Baking is so in right now! I used to bake my face with a compact powder like I know I was wrong. So I went and bought this Loose powder by Party Queen. I've never heard of them but when I tried this powder to bake my face, I knew it was really amazing.

Now I just totally skip the compact powder like i'm all about baking & it just makes my face look so air brushed like what even it's photoshop in real life. Plus you get a huge amount of powder for 295rs! This is my holygrail product. I bake my entire face with this because why not!
I sometimes don't even wear a foundation, all I wear is tiny amount of concealer to hide my dark circles & apply this powder and it gives me the most natural look without going to heavy and it helps my skin to breathe which is essential.


Colourpop yesssss! We all have heard about how pigmented those are and how affordable they are. But I really wanted to try it by myself & see if they're worth! I was in Beauty Shop & I was looking for a eye-shadow palette or something around those lines because my cousin was getting engaged the next week, so I went to buy some stuff from there. I was just walking around looking at all the products & then I saw these lying in a basket. At first I was like Whoa are they even the real ones? Not gonna like I've seen so many dupes for so many amazing brands. Then I went ahead and asked the lady if they're the actual colourpop ones. She said yes and I was meaning to buy only the shimmer one but I totally fell in love with the Burgundy color, so I had to buy that.

There were few shades available but for the time I just bought 2 of these to test it out. They were only for 150 rs each like OMG WHAT EVEN.

The pigmentation of these eye-shadow is next level like seriously. But I love the formula of shimmer one's better than the matte one.

The Burgundy colour is called HUSTLE.
They discontinued the Burgundy shade which is sad because you can't get your hands on them.

But the shimmer one is in STOCK! It's called DGAF #Relatable.

(click here to buy)

Freaking love this one so much. My friends have already bought these! I made them buy it & they love it as much as I do. You have to buy it now! I'm definitely going to buy all of them as I can or maybe I can giveaway few of them to you guys! What do you think?

Just you wanna see how the products look on my face, here is an example.

Foundation - Loreal Infalliable.
Concealer- Maybelline Fit Me.
Powder- Party Queen Loose Powder.
Highlighter- Sivanna Shimmer Brick.
Eye-shadow- Colourpop DGAF.
Mascara- Hypercurl mascara.
Lipstick- Matte me Shade No 247

Those were my 2016 Makeup favs, I hope you enjoyed reading it. All of the opinions are mine & I truly recommend the products which I love.

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